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tv   News  RT  December 18, 2017 8:00am-8:31am EST

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protesters take to the streets of the austrian capital vienna after a former right party joins the new coalition government. the afghan branch of islamic state attacks and intelligence training center in kabul as a terrorist police their presence in the region. and ahead of this week's visit to moscow british foreign secretary boris johnson says russia is back in cold war mode acting like the ancient warrior state sponsor. preaching you're watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. austria is making headlines across europe
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amid concerns over its new coalition government as the conservatives joined forces with the anti immigration freedom party while the new government was being sworn in at vienna's historic health palace and he found out that left wing activists protested outside there's still a heavy police presence there stopping the demonstrators from entering the building . and the match is still going on as you can see in these latest i think right police are also at the scene plant my water cannon and many of the protesters are concerns that the right wing group has been positions in the government including the foreign interior and defense ministers.
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there's been widespread condemnation of this agreement across many european media outlets lots of fears that this will lead to the the far right side of that coalition having more and more say over politics in austria but we can look at what the well the coalition of put out themselves of what they say their policies will be we can expect that they'll be an increase in direct democracy along the switch small of putting big votes to the people in order to get their opinions on which direction the country goes in next but one decision there won't be put into the people's hands like that it's been confirmed that austria has no intention on holding in a brags that s.k.u. referendum any time soon we can also expect tougher immigration control we could also expect the austrian government to push for an end to turkey's accession to the
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talks we can also expect to see this austrian government pushing more for an end to e.u. sanctions against moscow. regarding the sanctions against russia yes we would like for those to be lifted and we will try to play a part in this is a mediator to find a solution in the interests of yours so europe and russia can overcome the differences when you talk to people on the streets of vienna opinion still. very split over the direction the country is headed in there are big things so i think we have sinned is before it was triumphant broxton england and i think that i was taking it and i really don't think it's good it going to do it. throughout europe there's a return to the far right as you can see this in germany as world with the f.t. got a lot of votes and if someone speaks about the refugee crisis you get the impression that this could have been handled better. on the konami and i think the far right are correct they're working for the people doing what people who wants them to do
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so i'm in favor i am happy with the situation well twenty seventeen hours see in the far right it's rise to prominence in european politics if we look right at the beginning of the year of course we saw builders pushing hard for the the dutch prime ministerial race and their elections there we also saw marine le pen in france be the number one challenger to align your ground in the french presidential elections where is here in germany where i'm talking to you from the alternative for germany party they took up seats for the first time in the bundestag in germany's parliament well while sebastián could denies that he has any truck with the far right the fact that it had to go into coalition with the with the austrian freedom party has seen him heavily criticized german political scientist burn
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a path believes the e.u. will have to reconcile itself to austria's new coalition. west european governments won't take any significant actions against this new or strong government because on the one hand right wing populism has been growing in all these countries and the self-confidence of europe centrist and left discover meant has been shattered by this rise of right wing populism and on the other hand the former coalition between the appeal of the. not hard to europe to austria law worth the any policy stake which are contradictions tool humanitarian. rule of law standards of the european union fearful european governments don't see any reason for harsh restrictions and even saying chills right now. that a mere putin has called donald trump to thank the cia for vital intelligence which helped prevent a series of terrorist attacks in st petersburg r.t.
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chatwin video joined me in the studio earlier with more details well according to both the white house and the kremlin are to part from the cia allowed russian authorities to arrest a number of people in st petersburg over the weekend who are planning a series of terrorist attacks throughout the city the white house also released a statement on the situation calling an example of how there can be positive cooperation between the two countries let's take a listen. but he told me information the united states provided russian authorities were able to capture the terrorists just brought you in a tank that could have killed large numbers of people no russian lives were lost in the terrorist attack as well course and now incarcerated so quick and called to extend his thanks and congratulations to the cia and its director mike pump a.o. and trump in turn passed on that appreciation complimenting the entire intelligence community in the u.s. and that warning from the cia led to a series of arrests happening a series of raids happening last week by the russian security services during which
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seven people were arrested and they found large amounts of explosives and weapons and even a bomb making workshop and so it's believed that that thwarted a suspected series of attacks from taking place in st petersburg number of public places which of course there can be tons of turkey in those areas and then the call putin also promised to react in kind with the united states that if the russian intelligence services heard some sort of whispers of any attacks being planned in the united states they would also turn over that information well great news in the fact that they managed to stop attacks but also is it good news in the fact that it seems that there is what trump has promised a soaring u.s. russia relations well i would say that might be a bit premature at this point in time donald trump is in fact today expected to roll up his first national security strategy and one of his top officials when briefing reporters on the speech said that while ties between washington and moscow have picked up a bit after the real low that they had a few months ago it's still often seen that the two countries their interest just
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don't align and sometimes is still directly conflict with one another meanwhile trumps national security adviser general mcmaster has hinted that term strategy really is going to resemble his predecessors and many ways mean that russia will likely remain on that top list of challenges to american security as they would put it so this hint of cooperation really might not be the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. we discussed donald trump's new national security plan with search analyst gregory copley he believes political pressure is keeping russia among the perceived threats. the national security paper reemphasize russia strategic threat well unfortunately yes it will largely because of the media and opposition pressure. which has always claimed that he did a deal with moscow in order to help election campaign so he has to appear to be.
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even handedly against russia and to raise russia as a potential adversary once again yes there are points of difference between the united states and russia but the reality is that the president trump will need to and does want to work with moscow on some global issues particularly the middle east but most importantly against the people's republic of china. islamic state has reportedly claimed responsibility for an attack on an afghan intelligence training center in kabul armed militants stormed a partially constructed building up the complex triggering intense fighting with security forces. so ari as the latest one car bomb has exploded there's another one that the attackers that brought in with them it's quite an embarrassment to say the least because these areas should be protected these are areas where afghan intelligence trained members in new recruits and
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next to it is another facility that starts providing security to other installations in kabul in all across the country what we see these days is that militants targeting kabul in other major cities which is almost. front line for them in the last few months we've also seen americans and other. countries pounding board. as well as taliban positions and afghan special forces have been carrying out regular of operations it could be a retaliation but certainly what we see more and more that the afghan government and its international law is failed to prevent these attacks from taking place in kabul. russia is back to cold war era hostility towards the west according to british foreign secretary boris johnson
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he's been speaking ahead of this week's meeting with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov here in moscow artes and i see it as more ahead of this first visit by u.k. foreign minister to russia in five years worth johnson has certainly been making some curious comments in his typical manner for starters he has drawn some comparisons between russia and sparta i was reading few city's history of the political war it was obvious to me that athens and its democracy its openness its culture and civilization was the analog of united states and the west russia for me was closed no asti militaristic and democratic like spots are well worth johnson has also said that russia has not been so hostile to the u.k. or western interests since the end of the cold war and quote now are speaking to the sunday times on the also popular issue of russian meddling he said again that
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he see no evidence of russian influence when it comes to the bracks that referendum if you remember in the past has even used the words not a sausage of evidence but he has said that there is some evidence that there has been russian trolling on facebook this might be in reference to some of the numbers released by facebook that have said that only two hundred people in britain had seen any adverts which cost just over seventy p. these numbers are certainly quite curious given. all the endless talk about this alleged russian meddling and facebook influence when it came to that referendum now also ahead of this visit it's curious that some apparently here in westminster are nervous about what is going to happen when boris johnson finally gets to moscow for talks with his counterparts we have seen the chair of the parliamentary group on russia and labor m.p. chris bryant publish an open letter to boris johnson warning him of certain things that could come including things such as his food potentially being spiked some
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kind of influence to not let boris johnson get enough sleep things like honey traps by beautiful kremlin agents as well as maybe his phones being hacked or bugged he's also been warning to stay away from any drinking games and has been letting boris johnson to be weary of being alone in an elevator and making faces so that this doesn't get used against him in the future but that said boris johnson has made it clear by sort of repeating his mantra of be aware but engage that he does plan to have serious talks when it comes to the situation in syria and specifically collaborating with russia to defeat isis terrorism so certainly lots to look ahead for when it comes to this visit later in the week. youngest in the middle east continues to escalate following donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital or days house after the break.
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great so what will chance for. peace. welcome back here when security council is set to vote within a few hours on a draft resolution to reject donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital the move continues to cause wide scale across the middle east. palestinians have been involved in protests and clashes with israeli forces for almost two weeks as follows chums decision to end u.s. neutrality and one of the most complex issues in the region both palestinians and israelis line train to the ancient city the move has been followed by a wave of condemnation from european and muslim leaders. and the
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turkish president has been one of the loudest voices he's now announced plans to open an embassy in east jerusalem or if an ocean has more on how the jerusalem move is being confronted here we are in is juror slim the part of the city considered by palestinians to be their territory so in this status may be supported by turkey now and kyra has a general consulate here but the country's president is now saying he wants to open an embassy here. we've already declared east jerusalem as the capital of the palestinian state but we haven't been able to open our embassy there because jerusalem is currently under occupation god willing we will open our embassy there . the turkish leader has been reacting fiercely to donald trump's controversial recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel slamming other nations for a weak response mr aragon appeared to be speaking home behalf of the muslim world when he claimed if we lose jerusalem then we won't be able to protect me dina if we
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lose medina we will lose mecca and caba the organization of islamic cooperation held an emergency meeting in istanbul weight called on the international community to commit to making east jerusalem the palestinian capital. the us decision on your rousseau them because of its great buyers against the historical and permanent rights to palestine. jerusalem see the united states the solution to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is a dangerous one it will strengthen security and stability and frustrates efforts to resume the peace process boy yet as a mayor all every possible step must be taken to prevent the implementation of this illegal action by the us administration however there is one question that sticks out here what's factors and eleven months made it possible for the u.s. president's trip to take such an outrageous act and it's not just moved to mation is reacting to the u.s.
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recognition of jerusalem with violent protests all over the globe the u.n. security council is now reportedly considering a draft resolution to abolish trumps decision that's following an emergency session requested by eight out of the fifteen member states it is highly unlikely that the resolution like this could pass through the security council with america of course one of five permanent members with the tow powers regional shouty from jerusalem. could be difficult for one to carry out the moves the entire city is controlled by israel which caused its indivisible capital doesn't currently host any foreign embassies international relations professor hussein bakshi the. irwin's move has a lot to do with domestic ambitions and his promises to other muslim states. turkey can do it about the runs again. i don't know that. shortly can do it in foreseeable future but the dance third month is different
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a message for governments to consumption so as to of all the under second one these promises to do is them a program is asian conference that was together of course more controversial and should. look at the principle of the palestinian state but it is not so easy it is just a promise to more want to satisfy probably. took his promise to. also give some hope for the conference organization but i do not expect that turkey can do it without understanding of. bitcoin has his her record high of twenty thousand dollars a coin however the cryptocurrency is not just attracting the attention of financial speculators but also regulators who are unhappy it is an embassy and he said he has
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more details what may be the most appealing feature of cryptocurrency is now under threat their opinion has agreed to tackle the anonymity of crypto currency holders and and cities now the e.u. say the measures will be part of a larger package needed to tackle tax evasion and so far it's been welcomed by europe's justice commissioner who has hailed the decision as a breakthrough two days agreement will bring more transparency to improve the prevention of money laundering and to cut off terrorist financing but here's a breakdown of what these measures actually mean or uses the term cryptocurrency so we'll have that. no identity revealed what else if you've got to have to amounts of crypto currency loaded on a prepaid debit cards the use of this will be limited as authorities will also have greater access to information including national bank account registers and if anyone can demonstrate
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a legitimate interest in the crypto currency markets you will be granted access to what's have a data you need these measures are interesting you especially considering the bank of england's deputy governor said it was too small to pose a threat to the global economy in a recent interview he likens bitcoin to a product rather than money this is not a currency in the accepted sense there's no central bank that stands behind it for me it's much more like a commodity from the governor's insights to the eyes of the world bank many a questioning the potential threat of cryptocurrency is to the global economy now more than average as the value of bitcoin continues to say perhaps the rise of brought change technology is threatening a very old and established business model of the financial sector if we have something that decentralizes the money supply and threatens the business model of the banks of course it's going to be pushback against is any crackdown on our rights prissie of the internet is always always has an excuse that it's trying to
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stop money laundering always trying to stop terrorism or paedophiles or whatever yes sure criminals are going to use this but criminals already use banks i mean so many banks have been caught out money laundering of scales and have received vast fines for laundering gray and black money from the drug trade. perhaps we should say you should close down our banks to this fair hasn't gone unnoticed by the bitcoin community wiki leaks founder julian assange gave his backing to the virtual currency comparing it to the occupy wall street protest movement of two thousand and eleven a movement that tamed to fight inequality greed and corruption in the finance sector but regular. it says remain worried that crypto currency is a platform to avoid financial regulations whenever tech advances a pair of law was a slow to catch up many countries and legal bodies have only recently started to address crypto currency regulation but don't worry it will take eighteen months for
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the law to be implemented giving you plenty of time to complete transactions anonymously for now we want cryptocurrency expert paul rosenberg thinks the new restrictions could backfire. what they're doing is they're attacking the companies that service the bitcoin market the people who make wallets the people who run exchanges and there's no reason that the people in the you have to use those companies they can go to others and indeed those companies may close down and just move somewhere else where they're not going to have these type of restrictions placed upon them. this is really these restrictions are actual to cryptocurrency it's a different type of system. but it's an open question as to what will happen but i suspect that a lot of people will just not do business through the you. french president a man you might close celebrated his fortieth birthday on saturday however instead
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of congratulations the president faced a wave of criticism over the venue for his party.
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questions to one of the most heavily mined regions in the world that's fallen decades of conflict with its neighbors because the spanish colony from the late nineteenth century until nine hundred seventy five them both mauritania and morocco claimed sovereignty that's from locals this her royal we establish the policy area front and declared an armed struggle in one nine hundred seventy nine mauritania withdrew from the war means a moral code snatch more land and insurgency ensued and the ceasefire was declared in one nine hundred ninety one and independence referendum was promised for the following year but never happened the sarai have been living in limbo for decades and the women have now taken it upon themselves to clear the mines from the land they hope to return soon. to travel to meet these courageous women but get in there was no easy task as we were. about to discover. we were
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dropped off in the middle of nowhere. this is algeria near the border tens of thousands of refugees left here. this would be our new home for about three days while we waited for permission to cross the border. even the saudis have been here for over forty years now. they don't bother with cosmetic maintenance because they never expected to be here this long. but at the time we had more pressing issues like finding water. not easy when you don't speak the language and it's the first day of ramadan.
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to speak english.